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In one entertaining program was still an option "call to a friend." If it has not helped you, then it is on the site «StarKava» you will find what you are looking. Feel free to ask questions related to coffee, its history ... Learn more about the features and types of this divine drink. Also inquire about our mobile coffee shop, our promotions and special offers in the section "Questions and Answers". Ask questions and get prompt and competent answers.

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Question added (a) Alla
Date: 09/25/2013

Good afternoon. Please tell me what documents are needed for the operation of the mobile coffee? Thanks in advance.


Hello, Alla!

For the operation of the mobile coffee require the following documents:

1. Certificate of state. Registered owner (or extract from the state. Registry).

2. Help shape 4-OPP (about registering to tax).

3. Evidence of a single tax (the second group), which should be spelled out such activities: 56.10-mobile food services; 56.30-service drinks; 47.99-Other retail sale not in stores. Instead of a single tax certificate you can have patent for trade (in Ukraine, without reference to a particular place), in which case you will be on the common system of taxation that Nemea profitable than a flat tax.

4. In the case of a single tax - Book payers of income for groups 1 and 2 (recorded in the tax).

5. Notice of the registration of the payer of the single payment (Pension Fund).

6. If it is an employee, the employment contract is concluded in the Employment Center.

7. If it is an employee, the employment history.

8. If it is an employee, then the registration of the Fund with sots.strahovaniya of accidents.

9. In the data sheet in the special notes should be written: mobile point-making facilities.

10. Medical book on the employee.

11. As for SES, they officially do not give permission, citing the fact that the law provides for such an activity as a mobile coffee shop, accordingly, they do not know what to demand. At your request, issue an official denial, due to the lack of necessary legislation.

This is a complete list of all the required documents for the job.

I wish you success!

If you will have questions - ask, I will answer with pleasure!

Sincerely, StarKava
Question added (a) Vladislav
Date: 08/24/2013

That is, the only best option of battery life - buying expensive Italian coffee machine, equipped with a gas?
ie Delonghi conventional and Jura thousand for 2-3 thousand dollars is not an option at all?
As far as I know, they are all electric. Conveniently, there is a coffee grinder and set as a milk container. So, we have to buy only Italian Gaggia, etc.?
Just a place where I wanted it oprobyvat definitely not equipped outlets. Is conventional batteries or generator is not enough to heat a boiler maker normal? After all, I've heard of independent elektrokofeynyah who work in the Ukraine.
Also, the question about the generator - say it creates a high level of noise and the smell of it from the nightmarish + more exhaust. how to cope with it?

As I now looked - in Russia generally not sold coffee machines with a connection to the gas. So still, apparently, have to be considered self-contained electric version


Vladislav, the idea of ​​Famer Donina with a fully automatic coffee machine for me is not an option at all. This is not an option that is presented in the Ukraine and in Europe, from where did this idea. With such success can be put simply COFFEE MACHINE, who preceded us in Ukraine mobile coffee shops. But we left him. What is the purpose of a mobile coffee?
Own hot drink, and prepares barista (the person who knows how to properly prepare espresso), it is to cook, and do not press a button and get prepared beverage), that is professional in their field - barista - selects the correct grinding of coffee, looks like coffee is flowing properly whips milk, then what they do is good in a cafe, now doing on the street at an affordable price. As the purpose of a mobile coffee shop quickly and easily prepare a drink and give the person with which a hurry. A further object itself is probably the main, from which everything begins: develop a culture kofepitiya, because many do not know and do not understand how to taste espresso, latte differs from the US etc. These are our goals and work so all good mobile coffee shop in Kyiv.
You can have other purposes, it is your business. If you do not want to bother with training, you want to invest a minimum, and then, perhaps, and develop, it is quite a good idea.
As for the electric coffee makers. In order to understand, they can only work on one battery or not, you need to know the power of coffee machines, and depending on that you pick yourself bespereboynik necessary power and number of batteries, they can be two, three, four .... It all depends on the power of coffee machines.
The generator also be chosen depending on the power of coffee machines. Generators are different. For example, we use the generator Honda, he is the low noise. Given the fact that his work on the street, the specific odors and noise can not be heard, of course, he is not silent, and works as a wound-up car, and it's about normal, non-irritating. About the dreadful smell: KASHMARNY - is exaggerated, the same smell, as if you were standing near the wound-foreign cars. Outdoors do not pay attention.
In Russia not selling coffee machines with gas because there is no demand. In Ukraine, too, are not sold, mostly to order. Moreover, many well-known Italian factories producing coffee machines generally are not attracted to the production of conveyor. Collect the maker order only. For us, it is strange to hear that the plant produces to order. Nevertheless, it is.

Sincerely, StarKava
Question added (a) Vladislav
Date: 23.08.2013

3. If you know, tell AMP-ta how to operate stand-alone coffee without gas - as I understand it, bought several batteries (by the way, what? regular car? or special?) that need to be recharged at night, it is connected to the inverter, which converts tension, but to him the main system power supply? Is this enough for 8 hours? there are no power outages? Again, it is necessary to periodically start the car?


3. As for your third question, you understand everything is not quite right, or perhaps you properly explained ....

From one set of batteries coffee machine can not work. Work on the gas automatically implies additional work or on battery or generator.

How does all this work? Let's find out!

Gas cylinder is exclusively for heating boiler maker (no electrics).

Also separately bought two ordinary car battery at 100 amps each. Rechargeable batteries with an inverter (converter) create a current of 12 W 220 watts. They are working electric coffee machine that automatically feeds water into the boiler. Also from them works grinder, lighting or accent lighting your workplace, videnablyudenie if you use employees and electro-button espresso machine, if it automatic or semi-automatic.

We use hand-held espresso machine.

Periodically start the car is not necessary, since you do not use the built-in into your car battery, you use the separately purchased, extra batteries. Charging these batteries are usually at night, these batteries lasts for 8-12 hours of the day.

As for the interruption of electricity, it is possible to put a voltage regulator.

We no longer use rechargeable batteries, instead we use the electric generator on 1 Sq. It's hard to say it's profitable or not, as an electric generator to fill petrol. But no need to charge the batteries, and in fact in order to charge them, you need to rent a garage and garage rental turns out more expensive than renting parking spaces that can be used in the warm season (spring, summer, autumn), when the frost has to be necessarily warm, heated garage.

Instead of stationary electricity, gas bottle, electric batteries can be used for 4,8-5 kV, not less, but it is not very profitable!

Sincerely, StarKava
Question added (a) Vladislav
Date: 23.08.2013

Tell AMP-ta detail about the system power supply -
1. work exactly like your coffee - gas, electricity, combination?
1.1. I did not understand what specifically connected gas cylinders - to the brewer, or mounted on a permanent basis in the car? If in a car, then what are they connected? how the exhaust system in this case?
2. what is the danger when working with gas? how this can vzrovatsya - ie what exactly is meant by "rough handling"?


Thank you, Vladislav, for the questions answered in order:

1. Our coffee machines are working in combination, approximately 90% - is an electrician, and 10% - it's gas. I can not agree with some colleagues from Russia that the gas - it is profitable. Personally, for me and for my coffee houses is the best electrician. Why such a relationship and what it depends on? It's simple: all working days (Monday to Friday), we are working on the electrics near the business center, and on weekends sometimes hosted events such as festivals, championships, visiting the show where you can not connect to the electrical engineering, and in this case we use the gas cylinder .

1.1. To coffee worked from gas, it must be equipped with a gas. This happens in two ways: many Italian factories for the production of coffee machines on request equip the car to run on gas, have a special hose for use on gas, ie such maker can operate from either electrical or gas from. On each such coffee machine has a special switch (switch), and you switch to this or that position. The second way - is amateurish, some craftsmen themselves equipped with coffee machines at work on the gas, it is much cheaper than the factory version. These are coffee making facilities in consequence and may explode. Is not highly recommend the second method.

As for the gas tank, there are also two solutions: 1. On your car can be set HBO (gas equipment), in which case the gas cylinder is mounted in the vehicle, it connects to the same gas hose with a reducer of coffee machines. 2. Gas bottle is placed into the lower compartment of the car, it is not fixed, it must pull the machine in order to refill it. It also connects to the hose with a reducer to run on gas.

As for the exhaust system: it is not here. Gas burns and thereby heats the boiler maker. You can draw an analogy with the home plate, if it gas, you turn on the burner and put it on a pot of water, the pan heats up. You also is there any exhaust gas system in the apartment? Gas is simply burned it.

2. Level gas consists primarily of damaging the gas cylinder or valve malfunction. Gas cylinder consists of cylinder and of the valve. More it is nothing. So, if the valve is faulty and passes gas, and next and you're a smoker, or a client, or just a passer stands and smokes, due to leakage of gas can cause an explosion. The danger of the gas cylinder may be to its incorrect refueling, for example, your cylinder is designed for 10 liters in a year you ran the tank and never poured gasoline from it - it is non-combustible gas that accumulates especially in the winter. It takes a certain amount in the tank, and you habitually refuel 10 liters instead of 9.8 liters. It may also bring an explosion of gas cylinder. The other important factor is the refill bottle in the summer heat. For example, in the street 30, you have filled balloon from 10 liters to 9 liters, and think that everything is fine. In fact it is not so! At high temperatures, the gas expands strongly by about 40%, so the heat is necessary to fill the gas tank to 50% rather than 90%. And the extended gas, as you know, can also lead to an explosion cylinder.

Sincerely, StarKava
Question added (a) Constantine
Date: 01.07.2013

A cappuccino do you have?


Of course! We have the most delicious cappuccino! )

Sincerely, StarKava
Question added (a) Svetlana
Date: 13.06.2013

Is it possible to order a mobile cafe in the area? What are the conditions?


Y es, we are working to leave the city (100 km). No additional conditions can not simply make a booking. You can order from our website (the form at the top left).

Sincerely, StarKava
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