Customer reviews ... For us, they are priceless!

And the criticism and your praise,

We are moving to the top, of course,

to «StarKava» was the leader!

Genius Salvador Dali once said: "You want to achieve perfection? Useless, you do not achieve it! "But the great artist forgot to specify that strive for perfection is a must. Otherwise, any deal is doomed to failure.

After receiving the documents of title coffee business, I did not adhere to the "beaten track". No, that would be too easy for my restless nature. Add something of their own, are not afraid to experiment, discover new facets of this case - this is the way to perfection! .. Let him hard, this way, but the choice of non-standard route - this is a bold "application" for success in the future.

It is a commitment to excellence, desire to be closer to you, dear friends, has prompted us to create a special section "Comments." Here you can share your emotions and express their opinions about our drinks, baristas and work on «StarKava» as a whole.

If you are overwhelmed with positive feelings, you are happy and willing to recommend us to people, write about it. It is with great pleasure and pride we will try to match your appreciation.

Of course, we are very respectful of the valid criticism, and always willing to get better and better. To our coffee, our service to you only gave joy, inspiration and energetic.

We would appreciate everyone's opinion of you!

Review added (a) Tanya
Date: 09/08/2013
Latte, espresso, green tea, warm, cool, with sugar, with no ..... The guys on the field, you just wizards!
Everything is sooo delicious! Keep it up!

Review added (a) admin
Date: 22.07.2013
Thank you, Svetlana, with good reviews! We will vpret try and please our customers!

Review added (a) Svetlana
Date: 22.07.2013
Thank Starkave for great coffee! Special thanks to the guys that are pleasing to me every morning espresso great outdoors Field! Great coffee, great service. Thank you!

Review added (a) Light
Date: 10.06.2013
Great coffee shop! Simply Paradise! )

Review added (a) Vadim
Date: 10.06.2013
In StarKave great coffee cook!

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