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Oh, the coffee! Magic drink of the Gods!

Captive, mesmerizing, surprising!

So you're telling is, even without words!

And, like a masterpiece, the inspiration you give!

At first it was ... CORN!

Everything in the world originates from the seed. Our story began with a grain ... coffee. Yes, yes! That's it. With fragrant, ripe grain, which, once in the car, along with other grains, gave the world a unique taste and aroma of coffee magic. Many people who volunteer and for all, give "captive" to this unique beverage. And I was one of them ...


"Mobile coffee" - what a gimmick is this? ..

Mobile coffee appeared in Kiev at a time when I was engaged in legal activities. It was something new and unusual. In an energetic 21st century mobile coffee shop and could not appear. Indeed, the pace of our lives today so swift that time "linger" in the cafe lacks. And indeed I am, by nature of their activities, not sitting in the office and was in constant traveling - meeting with clients, endless government offices, lots of documents ... But resist the temptation to drink a cup of latte or cappuccino - I could not! And always trying to look to the mobile coffee shop, sparing time and, especially, money for this little joy. Specially drove up to the subway station, where it was a miracle. Enjoying coffee, I was thinking - who, interestingly, is "worth" of mobile coffee shops? .. The MP? Or some incognito oligarch? .. Or maybe the whole business? 5-10 minutes of my guesses and I once again dove headlong into a job, and a bustling metropolis devour me in their grip of an endless stream of passers-long traffic jams, information attack ... But I could not help thinking about mobile coffee houses, paying attention to that their number is growing relentlessly.

Culinary Website - to the top of the new start!

Motherhood always makes a woman a fresh look at familiar things. Here I am, becoming a mom, I suddenly realized that I wanted to do something "for the soul." That opens horizons for creative self-realization and life ... But that will excite and inspire. Suddenly, I wanted to update the "new revolution." Alas, the law - rather, the conservative direction, where all long since been written and said ... The first fresh "breath" became its own culinary site. In it, I put a lot of energy and soul. Website developed successfully, but my desire for novelty is not abated. Thoughts, like the seasons, succeeded each other, and I felt that the solution is somewhere nearby. Fate itself, as if by the hand and led me to translate my fondest dreams! ..

Like going to the dentist can be the start of your own business.

One day, though, there ... The day was initially unsuccessful. On the eve of my tortured toothache husband decided in the morning to take me to the dentist. New
day immediately made us a nasty surprise - the car would not start, which we usually use for trips to Kiev (since we live in the country). I had to get to by public transport, including the metro, going from which I came across a mobile coffee shop ...! Quite a long queue seemed to hint: people want coffee! And, preferably, "With You" ... I took this fact to note, and headed toward dentistry.

What was my surprise when I saw on the way of another mobile coffee shop (on the sidewalk). I said to myself, that have not seen them in places other than the subway exit.

But, going to the dentist my surprise reached a critical point! And here I was waiting for coffee, with a colorful "loop" - a long queue of people.

In the dentist's chair at me, completely forgetting about the reason for his visit - a toothache, I thought of one thing: mobile coffee shops are in demand! This idea is both pleased and frightened, are disturbing me. The impression was that the mobile coffee suddenly became persistently pursue me. Even in the lobby at the doctor, I was held by the mass of people with a bun and cup ... coffee. For some reason I thought that fate often gives us signs, and you need time to recognize them ...

But the main thing was the fact that the tiny heart cherished ideas have already beat me - and I'm really like my "child" came to light!

"The Internet, give me advice!" Or, "I was looking for the right information."

Enlisting the support of my husband, I began to search for information about mobile coffee shops and on the business at all. Inspired by a new idea, I did not know how many obstacles we have to overcome ... First, the information is not too much, and it's all from 2009. There was everything: the "bait" in a dizzying earnings, and hints of the illegality of this business. I'm trying to restore the information (in forums, articles, etc.). Contradictions knocked down ... Profitable and successful business (judging by the email) sell. Why?? If he is successful? .. There have been proposals for redeveloping and mobile stores "turnkey". How to make the right choice? What follow? .. After information on the Internet was pretty outdated at the time, and the people involved in refurbishing stores are not interested to write about the cons of this case ... I phoned absolutely all proposals that were at that time, all the "sell" had a successful business everyone the reason for that, "Yes, business is great, but once they do ...," "Yes, profitable business, but I decided to get re ...", "... need money ..." and so on. These responses have planted in my soul troubled by doubt, but it lasted not long.

Who does not risk, does not drink ... coffee, cooked on its own mobile coffee shop!

Just a few weeks I was tormented with doubts, we have long argued with her husband about the business. After weighing the "pros" and "cons" we have come to one conclusion -
any business (and, especially, in our country!) - It is a risk! Even tested, stable and profitable. The exit was one - we had to take a chance! Risk family money, jeopardizing their own calm and measured life ...

The man who sold us the business, argued his action, he emigrated to another country. Well ... Maybe. We stayed in Ukraine - with an acquired "dark horse" - a business that was to us, to put it mildly, is not well understood. But the fact that the coffee shop was still ours - the first was a small victory over their own fears and insecurities ... So, on the entrepreneurial firmament, a new star shone timidly, and the name for our mobile coffee came naturally - «StarKava»! After all, Star - a symbol of high aspirations, the epitome of strength of mind, acting against the darkness ... The star was our guide. Symbol or talisman. Our proverbial step forward. And now had nowhere to retreat.

You can not have coffee without the "bitterness". Obstacle course.

Know About Business "from within" was not easy ... At the coffee house, the previous owner, came to our employee who continued to work for us now. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the coffee business, he slowly led us up to speed. And here we are clearly aware that the statement "mobile cafe - it is an easy and profitable business" - that's not true.

The first thoughts that came to us, it's how to save on consumables, without prejudice to the business. This is a common idea, initially doomed to failure: the cheaper glasses were of low quality (deformed, could leak were not hot!) ... Replacing milk (no, do not think we have chosen a quality milk, and many liked it more than ever!), But ... regulars who love the combination of the previous, began to complain ... Walking away from us ... How can I prove that this is also a decent product and it is not slightly better than the previous one? Always prove difficult, especially if your coffee shop in the center of the capital, where customers - a very demanding person.

We continued to experiment, stuffed "bumps", losing the old ones, and finding new customers. It was very difficult and emotionally, and physically ... It was hard to be torn between the family, the child and «StarKava», which has become so dear ... It was not easy, and my husband who is torn between his main job and new business ... It was hard, and our little girl, which is always and everywhere been with us, because it does not leave it to anyone. Many times wanted to quit, sell and forget, like a bad dream, and live the same life! .. Infinite inspection of law enforcement, neglect and sometimes boorish attitude of government officials, brazen appearance there, almost opposite, competitors, forced to give up. But every time I say to myself and my husband, "Get it together! We must not give up! ". Such critical situations hardened us. Unbelievable, but now we feel much stronger!

«StarKava» introduces coffee know-how!

Kiev lived a former life - an endless tiring bustle of people. And they found a few minutes to gain strength in our coffee oasis ... Fragrant, tasty coffee revealed to them a "second wind." And the people rested as pilgrims continued their journey ...

Much has changed on our mobile coffee shop, and only two things have remained the same - it is the excellent quality of our drinks and good service. Here «StarKava» was and remains categorical! No transactions with a conscience!

A few months passed and I wanted to work legally, despite the illegality. It was useful to me is my law. I found an honest way, and has achieved desired. So we settled on a new location, all legal, all is quiet. In «StarKava» created their customers that wanted to surprise, delight. So we began to invent and implement various ideas.

Thus, we came Toppings: caramel, strawberry, cherry, chocolate, vanilla, and more recently, more and mint syrup! It was our know-how, which has not gone unnoticed. Then, I studied international popularity rating of spices, and decided to diversify our spices. Following such a popular cinnamon appeared cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, orange peel, lemon peel. People are our innovation had in mind, there are many regular customers.

Inspired by this success, we decided not to stop, because, as you know, there is no limit to perfection ... I read a lot, thinking, and so had an idea: on Fridays, when the last working day, tired and moody people, struggling to wake up, go to work, and we go to cheer up a glass of flavored drink, we are to give each cup of coffee in the bargain Gift in the form of coffee beans in the chocolate bar. It might seem a small thing ... But it's nice to people - because they suddenly paid attention to the sign. We are pleased because our eyes, the person ceases smiling, joyful, "spreads its wings ..." We feel good wizards, who arrived in a boring and unsmiling city from Planet Bliss! But ... the evil wizards also exist, unfortunately. They do not have good spells, do not create, and destroy other people's ... ...

"The unexpected tripping" or "come on all gotovenkoe."

Such "sorcerers", watching the queue of customers to our mobile coffee bar of the window business center, on the territory of which we have been working for 8 months, were not able to "survive" someone else's success ...

Perk «StarKava» dryly informed that the Director of the restaurant, which is located in the building, oh, how our place has attracted, "suddenly" wanted to open there (it was there!) His stall and, preferably, to take our workers "in the appendage." With us prematurely terminate the contract ...

Say it feels hard worker, a gardener who has decided to select them grown from tiny sprouts beautiful orchard, generously giving fruit? .. And who picks up? .. People who have all the time made no effort to develop it ... Simple "observers", lazily waiting for opportunities to come "to all gotovenkoe!"

I felt myself as a gardener ... My garden was a business, it's all developed over time, the customers, our good reputation and optimistic plans for the future ...

One well-known politician has in the case of such an "outrage" take up pitchforks ... I decided not to go to drastic measures. But to give up their "child", and yield - was not going to! "We'll fight yet!" We said to ourselves ... and settled in front.

"Denunciations will not add the 'demand'" or "do not know how to compete all!"

As I said earlier, we have decided not to give up, do not look for a new place and start all over again, and continue to serve our customers, to fight for each of them, only this time at the new location, very close to the same. Many thanks to the trade house "Lagoda", whose leadership has supported us in difficult times and believed in us!

I must admit, it was very difficult, because the new owner of the stall, which appeared on the site «StarKava», did not expect such a turn from our side, it had completely different plans: we are "evaporate", and all customers will come running with open arms to him. I think the desire for "easy business" deservedly can top the list of long-prescription human vices.

We have always stood for fair competition can not be said about the new kiosk. Why look for the information, consult with experts, to start "from scratch", to introduce a bright idea if you can take - and come at all gotovenkoe! And when they did not get the desired "buzz", then just started writing "denunciations" for us to all existing authorities, in the hope that we have failed the inspections and samolikvidiruemsya ... This information was known to me from the very "inspectors" who explained their frequent visits to the fact that on us, "complains a stall opposite." Yes ... Worthy methods really. However, the "slander" does not help the competitors to increase demand for their suggestions. Not that way, they went to the hearts of potential buyers! And we, because of the constant checks internally brought inconvenience to our valued customers, coffee was often closed. But there is nothing to do with it they could not.

In addition, with a stall to us direct people who even threatened us links with law enforcement, literally making "get out of their eyes and do not interfere with their trade." The impression that a fantastic time machine we suffered in the "dashing 90-tye" ...

"Dogs bark - the caravan moves on" or "Justice has triumphed!"

It took several months of heavy fighting, and we finally breathed a sigh of relief ... When conscience and thoughts are pure, it is easier to overcome difficulties. Yes, sometimes we still "check", but when all the documentation is in order, and false calls to respond no reason! We can say that justice has been served! «StarKava» works, we continue to serve you, our dear customers, we try to not only keep an honest business, and delight, inspire. To give you the courage and good humor. For example, on March 7th we pleased all women greeting cards with our logo and "Rafaelkoy" and handed out to the Easter sweet medallion applied with the Easter image. We will try to get such surprises as the new creative ideas have become a good tradition of mobile coffee «StarKava»!

I want to add, dear friends, that we are finally expanding! We've got another mobile coffee shop, the details on this cmozhete you read later in the "News" section.

We ask all our loyal customers and not just their opinions about «StarKava», their wishes in the relevant sections of the site. «StarKava» values ​​each of you, dear friends. After all, the only way we will know about our advantages and nuances that may need improvement. Competent than your opinion that we simply do not!

«StarKava» waiting for you!

Yes, at first it was the grain ... Since then, as in the 16th century, coffee was in Europe, a lot of water under the bridge ... In order to enjoy this miracle drink, do not have to be a rich and powerful man, as it was once ... Simply order cup of latte or cappuccino, mocha or americano, espresso or macchiato in a mobile coffee shop. And let your heart will tell you what a mobile coffee shop to give your preference! Kindness, honesty, ability to surprise and delight customers were always relevant - and in the 16 th century, and today, in our time. It has remained unchanged, as the people's love for coffee. Always guided by these principles «StarKava»!

At the end of my story, I want to say that I do not regret a single minute of what had once ventured, has made such a choice, which I just backed my beloved husband! Yes, it was a hard way, it was sometimes unbearable pain, injustice losing my heart ... But we did not give up! «StarKava» will work for you to continue! We hope for further development, promise to make you happy with some interesting ideas!

My story is truthful, there is no jewelry -

we walked through the thorns to the star!

To become your relatives and complete -

vent, in the metropolitan hustle and bustle!

Mobile coffee shop - it's a miracle!

Winter - warm in the summer - will encourage!

Always «StarKava» next to you will be!

We are where inspiration soars!

Excellent coffee with a delicate aroma,

fill you with its energy!

«StarKava» You are always heartily glad

after us and soulful and delicious!

Thank you! Your order is accepted!
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