Where we are invited and where we go

Do you think that the similarities between coffee and street racing? At first glance it may seem that there is nothing! But this is false! ..
The wonderful world of street racing ... Getting into it, you become part of a huge energy flow, from which there is no way out, and do not want to! ..
Finally! .. Incredibly, such a welcome event as Formula 1 on the water, lightning flashed from his usual speed effect, we will begin to spin in a whirl of emotions, and remained vivid memories of a lifetime! ..
There is nothing more pleasant than to meet with old friends, is not it? .. We made friends with the annual festival "Aeroshok" recently, but were really pleased to meet again! ..
The opportunity to participate in exciting activities, interesting gatherings - it's a great chance to feel "in the midst" of amazing events. And our coffee shop had a chance! ..
"Let the race!" They said, and ... race started! We again got into the world of street racing, crazy world of speed and explosive adrenaline! This time, at the kind invitation of the classy and cool team WBR (White & Black Racing Club) ...
It's no secret that the sky has long lured people with its endless blue, fantastic inaccessibility. Just think of the myths of Daedalus and his son Icarus, who, trying to escape from the island of Crete, contrived wings, hoping to climb into the sky! ..
Excellent coffee is always a welcome guest at the colorful events. That's why we made friends with the club street racing «Street Energy» ...
As you already know, StarKava always at the center highlights. This is not surprising, because there is a real crossroads of life ...
Each of us in childhood believed in miracles. With bated breath, we listened to the tale of the beautiful fairy countries where there is always a summer lawn and ocean pestreyut colorful, bright colors ...
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