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Probably none of you, dear friends, can not give an exact date when he first tasted amazing drinks on the basis of the "espresso" - latte, cappuccino, mocha, macchiato ...

But here's a taste of this wonderful union of coffee with milk, I think you remember and love "with the first sip!"

«StarKava» trying to find the key to every heart of their beloved customers. That is why in our "menu" - only the most recognized, selected drinks, earned the adulation.

They just conquer with their harmonious duality of refinement, its sumptuous taste and flavor! ..

Espresso - a grand universal "pet." A true aristocrat coffee hierarchy. It is popular all over the world, especially in Europe. As I have mentioned before, it is the basis of all the espresso flavored coffee drinks.


Macchiato - the most expressive, a little cranky, as all the "handsome." Oh, he certainly knows how to win! Its subtle blend of espresso and light as a cloud, fog froth just crazy. This coffee full advantage of its charm. So, try it once - you'll love it forever!

U.S. - easy to swallow you will take away from everyday worries. This sleek drink has amazing magical ability. He wins once and for all. And, it seems, is able to bring you a moment to such a cherished "American dream."  


Latte - espresso sultry, swirl it in a romantic dance with hot frothed milk, not to impress passionate natures, adoring amazing combination!



Cappuccino - the mesmerizing tandem espresso and hot milk foam, generously decorated with chocolate icing, will appeal to lovers of creamy luxury. Our cappuccino, no doubt, will give you the most exquisite taste treat.  



Mocha - as if created for extremists who do not recognize the scope and limitations. After all, it merged with chocolate and espresso, foam and hot milk and chocolate powder. It's just a taste splendor in every sip!

Hot Chocolate - so hot, so easy to turn a chocolate ... you head, give pleasure. Not to mention the fact that chocolate bar or a drink made from it, as used 1 time per week, on average, still life of 1 year and even rejuvenates the body. And, as a fighter with a heart attack, stroke and depression - chocolate is the absolute leader. Enjoy hot chocolate, because it boosts your sex appeal!

And finally, the brightest, the final, and such an important artifact in the coffee bar - "Topping». «StarKava» has taken care of that were present in the coffee notes of your favorite fruit desserts. If you want something special, our toppings: caramel, strawberry, cherry, chocolate, vanilla, banana and mint syrup - for you!

And for very sophisticated clients - our unparalleled spices. This cinnamon and cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, orange peel and lemon! ..


Pamper yourself with the most delicious drinks from «StarKava»!

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